What We Offer


Certified Seminars And Workshops for

    *  Trainers, Professors, Teaching Staff, Lecturers, Learning Therapists:

DGSL-Certified Teaching: AL Accelerated Learning / Suggestopedia

According to the guidelines of the DGSL, German Association of Suggestopedic Teaching and Learning 

Getting to know the method:

* Experience Being Taught English As A Foreign Language

Further Vocational Training Seminars

for professional trainers, teachers, educators of all kinds

as well as additional topics after Basic Certified DGSL-Training:

* Creating Learning Material - for all topics - and practicing to play with them!

* Preferred Senses - the meaning of and coping with in teaching and training;

   What do learning styles have to do with learning?

* Reducing Learning Barriers And Stress Management

* Non-Verbal Classroom Management - in business training and in schools.

* Presenting Teaching Material - different ways to do it more excitingly.

* Train-The-Trainer Seminars and Playing: How does that go together?

* The Effect Of Music And How To Use It In Training.

* News from the Universities: Neuro-Biology, Teaching, Training and Learning

The Very Special Offers:

* Music in Bad Endorf

  1. -Stay overnight in rooms that have been decorated

  2. -fitting to musical themes -

  3. -1-day seminar about use of music in various    

  4. -training situations, and in class -

Ingrid Assmann

MoCep teacher training institute

Ausbildungstrainerin für Suggestopädie

Co-Trainer. Dr. Ernst Assmann

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