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Do you appreciate effective input?

Do you think

- that transfer into practice should function better?

- that memorizing input longer is important?

- that teaching should be done differently and

    more successfully?

PISA still is everyday talk, but this time something is


Very clearly teaching isn't done with lasting effect,

Students arrive at a standstill, they don't improve.

It has become clear that teachers and trainers have to change something.

The question is:

    What? And How?

These are the questions we all are asking ourselves,

that's why we would like to make you an offer:

There ARE teaching methods that make sense, that are efficient and lasting

and at the same time brain-friendly, humane as well as compatible with all learning styles. 

It certainly is worthwhile to have a closer look!

What can you do?

    * Find out how Suggestopedia/AL-Accelerated Learning works,

    * Have a look at the contents of the methodology and decide for yourself -

It really pays, because

    * Trainers adapt the methods to their requirements, to their subjects and topics;

    * You easily address all learning styles in a literally "playful" manner;

    * You always can count on happy participants and fantastic feedbacks;


    * You can't help but be successful in every way almost automatically.

Your investment?

* 120 lessons in being trained in this methodology

Where can you find out more?

    * Click under "sitemap" - training - contents or registration

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Ingrid Assmann

MoCep teacher training institute

Ausbildungstrainerin für Suggestopädie

Co-Trainer. Dr. Ernst Assmann

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D-85356 Freising

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