Training in Schools


Effects Of

Accelerated Learning / Suggestopdia on Schools

Effects on staff and the school climate as a whole

Teachers are being being relieved because of

* Better cooperation throughout,

* Teaching that better acknowledges learning styles and -types,

* More attentiveness and higher effectiveness,

* Better integration and achievement - not just of students from other countries

What else is there that schools can profit from?

* Much higher and more intensive possibilities to cooperate in lesson                 preparation

* Higher enjoyment and satisfaction with everyone‘s work,

* Therefore highly positive feedbacks

* Considerably more stress-free mood everywhere.

Who can verify that?

Christian Albert,

Monika Hecker,

Bärbel Stoll,

Effects of the various elements in using suggestopedic methods:

Use off classical music:

* Very soothing for body, mind and soul

* Hightens the grade os attentiveness

* Lowers considerably the level of agressiveness

For example film-music:

* Very often classic or at least with classic instruments

* Underlines plots

* Touches emotions - without emotions no learning

Dialog form of presentation texts/contents:

* Very effective vocabulary build-up

* Considerable increase of ability to express oneself

* Power of concentration increases

Learning games in small groups:

* Enables many to be able to learn successfully in the first place

* Built-in repetition for better retention

* Increase of ability to cooerate in groups and teams

* Better behaviour and greater self-reliability

* Increased responsibility for own conduct

Language in input texts and while playing :

* Clearly higher social competence

* Remarcably more friendly tone in communicating with others

* Increased tolerance and consideration

* Better acceptance of each other

For the teacher or trainer:

Much more time to mind matters "on the side"

through more independent study of students 

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