Training Contents


What Is The DGSL-Certified Method?

What is Accelerated Learning / Suggestopedia?

What has to be done so that teaching appeals to all senses?

Experience AL Accelerated Learning / Suggestopedia in a class session of English as a foreign language.

Experience the structure and the overview of DGSL-certified teaching and training.

The first day of training can be chosen as a getting-to-know day.

You can decide to go on with the training or cancel it.

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Further contents:

Health and a supporting learning


Recognizing learning styles and

    how to cope with them

Teaching methods of appealing to

    all learning types

De-suggestion and ways to overcome

    learning barriers

Paradigm change

History of Suggestopedia

Your own language

Importance and the role of the facilitator

Non-violent communication - your expression and your language

Coping with stress

Non-verbal communication in training and in the classroom

Creating relevancy - introducing new topics

Presentation: the first learning concert

Adapting texts from various traditional sources

structure of suggestopedic text forms

Use of music

Voice and posture

Importance of movement, interrupters and breaks

Pseudo-passiv learning concert

Steps into memorizing: games, games and games

Creativity and Multiple Intelligences

A little neurology: brain functions, memory and learning

Writing creative stories and mastering fantasy journeys

Making posters and learning games

Relaxation techniques

Group dynamics - questions




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