Trainer Profile


Ingrid Assmann - Trainer of Methodology

* Married, four adult sons

* All aspects of training for adults

* Eight-year stay in California, USA

* Basic training in AL Accelerated Learning / Suggestopedia

* Self-employed, owner of language studio

* Certified Trainer in DGSL-Teaching-Method since 1999

Member of DGSL (German Society for Suggestopedic

Teaching And Learning)  since 1993

Board member 1998 until 2006

DGSL-Certification for Train-The-Trainer in 1999

1. President DGSL 2002 - 2006

Member of Certification Committee since 2007

Member IAL, USA (International Alliance for Learning)

MELTA, Munich (Munich English Teacher Association)

DVWO and additional European organisations

Ernst Assmann, PhD - Co-Trainer

Physicist and Specialist in Ergonomics

Certified DGSL-trained (Accelerated Learning / Suggestopedia)

NLP Business Practitioner (DVNLP)

TQM Total Quality Management

International Business Management

Teaching position at the Munich University

for Applied Sciences (Ergonomics)