Train The Trainer in Business


Methodology for Business Trainings  

                   AL Accelerated Learning / Suggestopädie

For all kinds of advanced training:

As far as we know this is the most effective way to implement knowledge of practically any subject

Considerable “side effects”

  1. *Willingness to learn will significantly be kept and enhanced

  2. *Higher identification with the company will be achieved

Accelerated Learning/Suggestopedia Is A Training Method

What are the main elements

    securing this multi-sensory training’s success?

The training saves considerable time -                                                                                       success and sustained yield is virtually guaranteed

  1. *    Participant’s interest will be aroused

  2. *    because real life situations are being created

  3. *    for better understanding and retention

  4. *       

The suggestopedic method garantees

    focused attention throughout

    because all senses are being touched so that

    much better brain connections can be created.

  1. *Accelerated Learning / Suggestopedia

  2. *does appeal to all our senses

  3. *lets the participants rediscover joy of learning -

  4. *considers the emotional needs of the learners in resourceful exercises and sensible practice.

  1. *The training strategies address all learning styles which is why they are so lasting.              

  2. *In order to hold successful trainings holding all participants in high esteem is most important: the trainer’s manner and supporting attitude indicate this throughout.

* The concept of our trainings include not only passing on the basic structure of the method but also steps into transfer which are being practiced in class.

* Learning barriers will diminish and insecurities abolished. Not knowing something will never be embarrassing.

The Quintessence?

Every trainer - teacher - professor - lecturer and personal managers should get to know this multi-sensory training method Suggestopedia/AL-Accelerated learning in order to decide for themselves how effective, enriching and sensible training done in this method would be.

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