The Way We Train


We are DGSL-certified Trainers and are known for

fascinating and lively training and teaching.

We address all the senses, and alternate active and passive phases,

We teach learner-centered, and enjoy doing so;

We are familiar with a frame-work in which we embed learning matters in such a way,

that there is always enough time for reflection;

Teaching and training are effective, efficient and longer lasting,

so that more intensive learning happens in a shorter period of time;

You and we will experience flow together, and therefore highest satisfaction;

We keep on receiving grateful and thrilled feedbacks

because participants became interested and motivated;

Why not find out how helpful and fulfilling it is to work like this;

Experience the most versatile and most participant-oriented method that we know. 

Wouldn't you want to work like that as well?

Then why not find out how it works -

Come and join us - you will always remember this rich experience.


Ingrid Assmann

MoCep teacher training institute

Ausbildungstrainerin für Suggestopädie

Co-Trainer. Dr. Ernst Assmann

Alte Poststr. 37

D-85356 Freising

Tel. +49 (0) 8161-67890

Fax +49 (0) 8161-23.16.83