DGSL gem e.V.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für suggestopädisches Lehren und Lernen

(German Society for Suggestopedic Teaching and Learning)

You will find local contact possibilities all over Germany

for  information, workshops and seminars and for support.

There is a congress every year alternatively national and international where you can experience internationally

known trainers and speakers: for new input, for new experience, as an enrichment .

Our home office manager Ms Angelika Münzenmayer will be happy to respond to your questions under +49 (0)8142 6523 964.

Home office - Johann-G.-Gutenberg-Str. 19c - D-82140 Olching

Tel. +49(0)8142-6523-964 Fax +49(0)8142-6523-911



Nature Workshops and seminars with Dr. Sonja Eser


Cinemas in Freising

Cinemas in Freising showing movies in original language


Information “straight from the school” by

Studienrätin Barbara Stoll